Currently painting new works of Absolute Hooligan birds in the studio

cassowary absolute hooligan - tim niall-harris sub urban bird artist - grouse art, parrot art, hornbill art. Tim Niall-Harris and his creative journey began in the remote corners of the world and then leached out onto canvas, paper and abandoned walls.

Working in a wide range of media from spray paint to traditional oils Tim’s art gives voices to the rare and exotic bird species of the world. 

As his practice developed, Tim’s exotic bird species have found their way into the galleries and homes of collectors in the UK and the world.

Deeply connected to the wild places where his studio can be found in the Highlands of Scotland, but firmly connected to the contemporary.

Absolute Hooligan. punk birds, street art birds, sub urban ,wildlife, art, British, may be just litter on the beach. Seagull, hornbill, parrot attitude.flamingo hooligan art  by Tim Niall-harris sub urban bird art. Flamingo art with punk skeleton style. Tim Niall-Harris, bird art, sub urban bird art, spray paint bird art, bird street art, parrot art, grouse art, absolute hooligan art, urban artist, hornbill art, parrot artist, spray paint artist, street art, street artist, wildlife street art, urban artist, painting exotic bird art around the world.
Hornbill absolute hooligan - Tim Niall-Harris sub urban bird artist. Featuring grouse art, parrot art, hornbill art. Absolute hooligan featuring street art punk bird art.

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